Cathy Severson, MS: Passport to Purpose

Cathy Severson

Whether you want to master your career, jumpstart your dreams, or create a meaningful retiresment, I'm here to help.

As founder of Passport to Purpose, a professional and personal development company, Cathy helps individuals find more meaning and purpose in their lives and work. Cathy has developed a three-pronged system to help individuals identify their core attributes which is used to construct a powerful vision, followed by a comprehensive plan for creating a more fulfilling life.

Cathy specializes in young adults who either didn’t finish college or don’t know how to turn their degrees into a career and older adults who are stuck in their work and/or, frustrated or burned out and want to explore new options. Cathy also helps people successfully transition into retirement with a plan.

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Create a Great Retirement
“What am I going to do after I retire?” is a question being asked by millions of baby boomers as they reach retirement age. Learn about the Retirement LifeMap which identifies your life’s purpose and a plan get to where you want to go, as well as other resources to make the rest of your life the best of your life.

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Retirement Life Matters is taking a leadership role in redefining the “new aging” process. Providing knowledge, tools, resources and support for people to learn how to lead a fuller life. RLM is creating a community of people who can learn, share and work together to be successful in achieving their goals and aspirations.

7 Ingredients for a Satisfying Retirement

7 Ingredients for a Satisfying Retirement
Baby boomers know this isn’t their parents’ retirement. Understanding both the challenges and opportunities, Cathy shares the practical keys to creating a fulfilling retirement. Get your FREE copy. In addition, you’ll get tips and practical information by receiving Cathy’s acclaimed newsletter.

7 Ingredients for a Satisfying Retirement

Passport to Purpose

Passport to Purpose takes you through a comprehensive process where you identify your strengths, explore viable career options with techniques, tools and resources to help you find the perfect job.

VISTa Life/Career Cards

VISTa Life/Career Cards is an easy, colorful and powerful tool to help people identify their values, interests, skills and traits.

365 Journal Topics

365 Journal Topics:

Incorporate Serendipity And Inspiration Into Your Life!

Keeping a journal is a compelling tool for solving problems, tapping into your inner self, expressing emotion, gaining clarity and developing creativity. This e-book offers 365 inspirational journal topics to get you headed in the right direction!

101 Job Search Tips

101 Job Search Tips:

Techniques, Tricks & Shortcuts To Finding A Job You'll Love!

Based on 25 years experience as a resume writer, career counselor, and workshop leader, Cathy has compiled over a hundred simple, but helpful ideas to help you manage your job search.

Around the World Art

Around the World Art

Traveling around the world, Cathy translates her memories into paintings.